Flowering Stimulant

Flowering Stimulant

Price Range based on Quantity

Quantity (Kg/Ltr/Nos) Price (Per kg/Ltr/Nos)
1 - 49 650.00
50 - 199 500.00
200+ 480.00

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packing bag: Barrel Packing

We manufacture and supply Best Quality Agro Chemical Raw Material in Bulk Quantity. Flowering Stimulant stimulates hormones and flower generation by triggering specific hormone. It increases vegetative growth of plant. It fixes the nutrient imbalance in plants. It provides energy to the plant cells that helps for strong stem developments and increases vegetative growth of the plants thus helps for increasing crop yield by 10-20%.

फ्लावरिंग स्टिमुलेंट विशिष्ट हार्मोन को ट्रिगर करके हार्मोन और फूल उत्पादन को बढ़ाता है। यह पौधे की वानस्पतिक वृद्धि को बढ़ाता है। यह पौधों में पोषक तत्वों के असंतुलन को ठीक करता है। यह पौधों को ऊर्जा प्रदान करता है जो मजबूत स्टेम विकास में मदद करता है और पौधों की वानस्पतिक वृद्धि को बढ़ाता है जिससे फसल की उपज में १० – २० % की वृद्धि करने में मदद मिलती है।


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Physical appearance :- Liquid

Product color :- 

Odour :- Mild

Solubility :- Water soluble

Expiry: 2 Year

1.It reduces pre-harvest drop of flowers.
2.Reduced pre-harvest drop of fruits.
3.Stimulates flower generation about 20-30%.
4.Provides additional energy for better yield.
5.It fixes the nutrient imbalance.
6.It is Eco-friendly and cost effective product.

Product Usage :
It contains Carboxylic acid and Folic acid which is used to increase the amount of flowers and decrease space between nodes, which also increases the amount and size of flowers.

Dose: Approximately, dilute 0.5 ml of Flowering Stimulant in 1 litre of water and spray using foliar spray over crops in early morning.

Country of origin :- India

Application of Flowering Stimulant

Our Flowering Stimulant stands as a horticultural marvel, meticulously designed to transform ordinary plants into vibrant, blooming masterpieces. When applied, this potent formula acts as a catalyst, stimulating the natural processes within plants, ensuring prolific flowering and robust blossom development. Whether in ornamental gardens, commercial floriculture, or agricultural landscapes, our Flowering Stimulant is the secret weapon for florists, gardeners, and farmers alike.

By encouraging early and abundant flowering, our stimulant not only enhances the visual appeal but also significantly improves crop yields. Its tailored approach ensures that plants enter their flowering phase at the right time, leading to uniform blossoms and a more extended flowering period. The application is hassle-free, allowing for seamless integration into various cultivation practices.

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