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Price Range based on Quantity

Quantity (Kg/Ltr/Nos) Price (Per kg/Ltr/Nos)
1 - 49 299.00
50 - 199 230.00
200 - 499 220.00
500+ 210.00

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Bag/Box Packing

Content: Lactose Powder

We manufacture and supply Best Quality Agro Chemical Raw Material in Bulk Quantity. Lactose is a readily fermentable carbohydrate. Lactose used for the filler/additives for the various biofertilizer, Fertilizer and Pesticide formulation.

लैक्टोज एक आसानी से फेर्मेंटेबल कार्बोहाइड्रेट है। लैक्टोज विभिन्न बायोफ़र्टिलाइज़र, फ़र्टिलाइज़र और पेस्टीसाइड्स कीटनाशक फॉर्मूलेशन के लिए फिलर/एडिटिव्स के लिए उपयोग किया जाता है।


best quality AgroChemical supplier

Physical appearance :- Powder

Product color :- White

Odour :- Mild

Solubility :- Water Soluble

Expiry: 1 Year

Lactose fertilizer, a natural and eco-friendly agricultural supplement, revolutionizes plant nutrition. Derived from lactose, a sugar present in milk, this organic fertilizer offers a sustainable solution for enriching soil health and enhancing crop growth. Its unique composition provides essential nutrients, fostering robust root development, improving nutrient absorption, and ensuring vibrant foliage. Lactose fertilizer stands out for its eco-conscious approach, being biodegradable and environmentally friendly. When applied to crops, it not only promotes healthier plants but also contributes to the overall fertility of the soil, creating a balanced and thriving agricultural ecosystem. Ideal for organic farming, this innovative fertilizer supports sustainable agricultural practices, making it a preferred choice for environmentally conscious farmers looking to achieve optimal yields and cultivate high-quality, chemical-free produce.Incorporating advanced technology and natural ingenuity, our Trichoderma Bio-Pesticide Powder Formulation ensures a resilient crop ecosystem. Embrace sustainable agriculture with our solution, where innovation meets environmental consciousness.

Product usage :-  It is used as a base material/Filler/Additive for biofertilizer, Pesticide and Fertilizer.

Storage condition :- Store in original container in clean, cool and dry place. Use before expiration date printed on package.

Country of origin :- India

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