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Hydrogel (Super Absorbent Polymer)

Hydrogel (Super Absorbent Polymer)


Price Range based on Quantity

Quantity (Kg/Ltr/Nos) Price (Per kg/Ltr/Nos)
1 - 9 451.00
10 - 24 410.00
25 - 99 390.00
100+ 380.00

GST and Transportation Charges are Extra. (Transport Charges are too Pay)

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Hydrogel Polymer increases the water retention capacity of the soil. Effectively reduces irrigation frequency. It limits water and nutrient loss through soil leaching.Hydrogel Agriculture reduces vaporation rate preventing water loss. It improves the physical properties of the soil by enhancing aeration.

हाइड्रोजेल पॉलीमर मिट्टी की जल धारण क्षमता को बढ़ाता है। सिंचाई आवृत्ति को प्रभावी ढंग से कम करता है। यह मिट्टी की लीचिंग के माध्यम से पानी और पोषक तत्वों के नुकसान को सीमित करता है। हाइड्रोजेल कृषि पानी के नुकसान को रोकने के लिए वाष्पीकरण दर को कम करती है। यह वातन को बढ़ाकर मिट्टी के भौतिक गुणों में सुधार करता है।

Hydrogel Super Absorbent Polymer

Hydrogel usage reduces water stress when mixed with a substrate. Enhances plant growth by providing water and nutrients right at the root zone of the plants, reducing wastage. Reduces erosion and water runoff. Enhances plant performance, especially in arid areas. Protects the environment against drought and groundwater contamination. Acts as an insulating material for plant roots in frosty winter conditions. Reduces fertilizer usage by 15 – 30%.

Expiry: 1 Year

Soil Application:
Hydrogel Super Absorbent Polymer revolutionizes plant and tree growth, ensuring sustainable hydration and nutrition. When integrated into the soil around the root zones of common trees and plants, this innovative solution acts as a water and nutrient reservoir, gradually releasing essential elements over an extended period. For common plants and trees, incorporating 1.5 to 3 kg of HYDRO per acre significantly enhances seedling growth, fostering robust roots and lush foliage.

Tailored to the specific needs of different plants, the hydrogel amount varies from 20 to 100 gm per tree, depending on the growth stage. For young saplings, it provides vital hydration, promoting healthy development. In mature trees, it strengthens resilience against drought and environmental stressors. The ease of integration into the soil matrix makes it a practical choice for agricultural practices, ensuring optimal plant health and vitality.

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