Bio Larvicide

Bio Larvicide


Price Range based on Quantity

Quantity (Kg/Ltr/Nos) Price (Per kg/Ltr/Nos)
1 - 49 890.00
50 - 199 780.00
200+ 750.00

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Larvicide act as a stomach poison for the pest. Acts as an effective control agent for Spodoptera, Caterpillars, Diamond Black Moth, Heliothis, Stem Borer etc.

लार्विसाइड यह जहर के रूप में कार्य करता है और फसल को लार्वा अटैक से बचाता है l स्पोडोप्टेरा, कैटरपिलर, डायमंड ब्लैक मॉथ, हेलियोथिस, स्टेम बोरर आदि के लिए एक प्रभावी एजेंट के रूप में काम करता है।



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Our Bio Larvicide is the ultimate solution against voracious pests like Spodoptera, Caterpillars, and Diamond Black Moth. Acting as a potent stomach poison, it disrupts the feeding habits of these destructive insects, ensuring they do not damage your precious crops. With its targeted control mechanism, our Bio Larvicide offers a highly effective and reliable defense against a wide range of larvae infestations. Whether in fields, orchards, or gardens, this specialized formulation provides a shield, allowing your plants to flourish without the threat of pest-induced damage. Applied as directed, our Larvicide guarantees peace of mind for farmers and gardeners alike, ensuring robust, healthy crops and safeguarding your agricultural investments with proven efficacy. Trust in our Larvicide to fortify your plants against these notorious pests, ensuring a bountiful and pest-free harvest season after season.

Physical Appearance:- Liquid

Product color:- Red

Odour:- Mild

Solubility:- Water soluble

Product usage:- Larvicide act as stomuch poison and nervous system for the insect. Once insect come in contact with chemical, it intensify the effect of neurotransmitter such as GABA, make the latter lose function and disturb neurotransmission and result in quick stop to each and die.

Storage Condition:- Store in original container in clean, cool and dry place. Use before expiration date printed on package.

Expiry: 2 Year

Crop Recommended:- Field Crop like Cotton, Safflower, Soybean, Groundnuts, all Vegetables, all horticulture crops etc.

How to use:- 20 ml in 15 ltr water(foliar spray)

Benefits:- Highly effective for pest like Lepidoptera, Diptera, Homoptera, Thysanoptera, Coleoptera insects.

Feature:- Best pesticide for larvae.

Warning:- Avoid inhalation, skin or oral contact with pesticide. Do not chew tobacco, eat food or smoke during spraying. DO NOT SPRAY ON CROPS ON WHICH HONEY BEES ARE POLLINATORS/FORAGING.

Country of origin :- India

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