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Azotobacter Liquid Bio-Fertilizer

Azotobacter Liquid Bio-Fertilizer

Price Range based on Quantity

Quantity (Kg/Ltr/Nos) Price (Per kg/Ltr/Nos)
1 - 49 97.00
50 - 199 75.00
200 - 499 70.00
500+ 60.00

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Drum Packing

Content: Azotobacter Chroococcum 1×107 cfu/ml

Azotobacter chroococcum product is a bio-fertilizer based on the selective strains of nitrogen-fixing beneficial bacteria of Azotobacter chroococcum. This is available in Water Soluble Powder formulation. Azotobacter chroococcum fixes the atmospheric nitrogen through the process of biological nitrogen fixation and makes it available to plant in an easily assailable and utilizable form.

एज़ोटोबैक्टर क्रोकोकम प्रोडक्ट एक बायोफ़र्टिलाइज़र है जो एज़ोटोबैक्टर क्रोकोकम के नाइट्रोजन-फिक्सिंग बैक्टीरिया पर आधारित है। यह वाटर सॉल्युबल पाउडर फॉर्मूलेशन में उपलब्ध है। एज़ोटोबैक्टर क्रोकोकम नाइट्रोजन फिक्सेशन की प्रक्रिया के माध्यम से अट्मॉस्फेरिक नाइट्रोजन को ठीक करता है और इसे पौधे तक आसानी से उपलब्ध कराता हे और उपयोगी बनाता हे।  



acetobacter bio fertilize manufacture

Physical appearance of Azotobacter Liquid Bio-Fertilizer:- Liquid

Product color:- Transparent White

Solubility:- Water soluble

Mechanism of Action :- Fixing Atmospheric Nitrogen in soil (Nitrogen Fixation method).

Function :- Azotobacter is N fixing bacteria. It enhances beneficial bacterial growth. Azotobacter increases the N2 level in the soil about 20 to 30 kg per hector

Crop recommended:- Fruits like Banana, watermelon, Papaya, Grapes, Pomegranate, all vegetables & Flowers, Mung, Chickpea (Chana), Wheat, Maize, Castor, Potato, Tobacco, Ginger, Pearl millets, Mustard, Turmeric, Cotton.

Expiry: 6 Months

How to use:- 1 liter for one Acre of Land (Soil Application Only)

Benefits of Azotobacter Liquid Bio-Fertilizer:-

1. It fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to the crop.
2. Adds nutrients to the soil / makes them available to the crop & secretes certain growth-promoting substances.
3. Helps the proliferation and survival of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.
4. It increases the number & length of roots and shoots.
5. It also improves the fertility of the soil and reduces the use of chemical fertilizers (Urea). It is Harmless, Eco-friendly, and low-cost agro-input.
6. Azotobacter provides the most active form of azotobacter and starts function and proliferation immediately after application in soil.
7. Azotobacter is also important for rapid seed germination if applied as a seed coating.

Storage condition:- Store in the original container in a clean, cool, and dry place. Use before the expiration date printed on the package.

Country of origin:- India

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